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#WhyNot Why Not Idea - Girl In Tech event

#whynot Why Not idea

I have so many ideas in my mind, and building this tour ilgotrip enterprise is one of them which I intend to develop more and more.

So the idea was basically come in nature. As having travelling for quite long time is not easy for office worker person indeed. Thus after resigning from my office work back in early year of 2013 and that year was the first moment too for me to executing all of my first arrangement and plan of my first long trip abroad. It was trip to South Korea around 10 days with my one new friend (and we become good friend until now), who I found in internet too, who was just following all my itinerary as our main guide.

From that Korean trip I got ‘learning by doing’ experience a lot. Thus I thought #whynot I make something more professional about trip tour related, since I seen demand been quite high among Indonesian people who love to travel abroad but with affordable budget price, yet still comfy ones. 
Our first launch group trip was during autumn on November 2013 to Japan.

And here we are now, developing and building our own tour trip enterprise called ‘ilgotrip’. Ilgotrip can be meaning for ‘I will go’ and else the original meaning is ‘Island Go Trip’ as I got inspired the name as Indonesia has many islands. Been handling until now are trips to Japan, South Korea, and domestic trip like Bali and Central Java etc as tourism destination; and we intend to develop more destinations obviously. Though there are many competitors out there indeed.
In addition, we also cooperate with tour operators or colleagues as our local guides in destination country or regions in Indonesia.

I allocated some reward award for making website, this fund I got this early 2016 year from Business Plan presentation event, held by Indonesian Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise. So start this October 2016 we finally have our trip advertisement at our own trip website www.ilgotrip.com to get audience more wide thus can be our trip customer. And in addition, in our website we can also write our travel story (and we also accept story from readers too to be published in the website), who knows I can also be a professional travel writer someday.

In future, I have an aim to make an empower community collaborate from Indonesian tour operators and tour organizer who have same vision to promote Indonesian tourism worldwide and be professional and educated in this service field industry.

Having more skills of technology related to improving marketing, public speaking confidence, and networking skills in social media and in real world, are some of reasons I join with GIT – Girl In Tech Indonesia.

GIT Girl In Tech #whyNot 2nd event - Indosat ooredoo
GIT #whyNot 1st event - smesco

Been two times attending GIT #whyNot event, first event with Facebook official learning Digital Bizz Acceleration held at Smesco UKM Gallery and second event about writing viral content held in Indosat ooredoo building - gedung Indosat ooredoo desain baru. The streaming event video can be get here .

The topics and the events with Mba Anantya as the GIT Indonesia initiator and Mba Ollie from nulisbuku and all the other speakers too, had give us and me more insight and courage in developing our and my existing enterprise.

Moreover this GIT community is girl – woman community which is awesome environment for me to be one part of it and hope all woman in Indonesia will be more empower by this kind of knowledge sharing community.

This writing is submitted to join event of  #whynot Mentor Dinner by GIT -  Girl In Tech Indonesia website     Facebook Page GIT
GIT mentor dinner oktober 2016

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